A 90-Day Course that teaches you exactly how to get clear on your desires, unblock whatever is stopping you, and attract success to your business future. Learn how to change your mind so you can change your life. This program is just what you need if you feel you are doing all the things and still not seeing success in your business. 


And more than likely you may be suffering from one (if not all) of the common entrepreneurial problems...

Any Of This Sound Familiar?

You spent money on your business and you are not making any money in your business. Which makes you want to give up all together.

You have a few good months were money and clients are coming in and then nothing, you don't feel like your business is consistent which causes money worries.
You don't feel worthy of success, unless you work really hard and burn out from all the hard work you have done. 

But Yet....

You Still Feel Called To Proceed

You just know you were meant for more. You may find yourself up all night looking for different ways to make more money, see other people winning and wondering why not me, or you may feel success is hard work and maybe not for you. All of this has left you feeling unworthy, incapable, even stuck when it comes to starting and/or scaling a profitable business aligned with your purpose in life.


Let Me Tell You Honey

You are Not Alone! Starting a sustainable, profitable business seems like it isn't easy. I've started so many businesses and have had many falls along the way.  I just knew I was meant for more, but could not understand why I remained unsuccessful.

You've been told starting and running a business is hard... But that's not true.  What you really need is a step by step guided process that will make running your business seamless and fun.  Because... I've been where you are before and I discovered...


It All Depends On Your Mindset!


You see, I have started many businesses and things didn't go how I wanted them to, with me losing money, giving up, and walking away with my tail between my legs. 


I know failure all too well, we are good friends truthfully.  I am a busy Mom, the breadwinner for my family, and I was an unfulfilled employee who desperately wanted more out of life.  Being risky was not just a risk to me, but it put my whole family at risk. 


I really went to work only to be with my friends for I knew I did not enjoy my job.  Then COVID hit and my world was changed.  I had given up many times before, but I saw the perfect opportunity written clearly on the walls.  Before I started the business this time I decided there was one very important thing I needed to change first, My Mindset. 


I did the work to change my mindset and not only was I now booking clients, but I had my first 10K month in my first few months in business!  What a shift from the businesses I started before, what a difference my change in mindset made!


That is why I started FEMME B.O.S.S. to provide a step by step guide on how to change your mindset, provide an amazing support system that will help you every step of the way, and provide personalized tools to assure your success in business and beyond.

Wouldn't It Be Incredible To:
Confidently Show Up In Your Business and Make Enough Money to Walk Away from Your 9-5.

Picture your phone and email blowing up with potential clients, product orders, or services you provide. 

✨Imagine having time for long lunches with friends, vacations whenever you please because your business is running itself. 

✨See yourself in your new work from anywhere business, making it to all events and appointments for your kids that you were unable to make while working your 9-5 before. 

✨See your bank account with double the income because truly there is not revenue cap when you own your own business. There are No Ceilings!

The Pursuit Club

““From the moment I heard Jacqueline speak, I knew we had to work together. Her passion for helping others is a true testament to the results achieved while in her program. Her energy is contagious, her knowledge is powerful and her skills as a coach helped me to discover my true passion in life. After working with Jacqueline, I am now on a clear path to the career of my dreams and have the tools I need to be successful. Thank you Jacqueline for your support, guidance and encouragement.”
-Kristie Lynn, The Passion Coach”

The Passion Coach

The Pursuit Club

“Jacqui was absolutely fantastic to work with! During our coaching session she held space for me to feel heard & listened to, providing questions to ensure I reflect internally while guiding in me a direction that supported me in reframing my narrative! Jacqui's fun, playful yet calm demeanour and humble attitude made me feel comfortable to open up & work through what was coming up for me! I would absolutely love to work with her again!!”

Mindset Confidence Coach

When You Join FEMME B.O.S.S You Will Change Your Mindset So You Can:

  • Eliminate Limiting Beliefs & Become Your Most Confident Self.
  • Start and/or Scale Your Profitable Business in 90 days.
  • Attract Money and Success Doing The Things You Love.

Here is what we will cover...


  • We will create a space allowing you to dream big.  We will get clear on exactly what you want for your life. 
  • Powerful Neuro-Linguist Programing technique called Achievable Outcome.  This technique creates success easily.
  • Personalized Affirmation Series: Taking your personal desires and turning them into statements in a form of auto-suggestion for your subconscious mind so you can show up as your higher self daily.

Discover Your Why

  • We will break down your desires and who you serve. Take a good look at your business model and get a sure fire plan for you to grow and scale.
  • Implement the Ring of Power an NLP technique that will have you walk into your Power and Never look. 
  • Personalized Meditation Series: Taking your Why and turning it into a guided meditation so you can continue to feel motivated and take the inspire action needed to make your business successful.

Understanding What's Stopping You

  • We will clear mental and emotionally blocks stopping you from earning the money you want, having the success you desire, and showing up as your most confident self in your business. 
  • Fully examine and emotionally release all of the blocks from the past and the present.
  • Personalized EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping, to clear the blocks from your meridian points allowing you to be free of whatever is holding you back.

Flip The Script 

  • Tell a new story, journal out a new story for your life.  Remember thoughts become things, once you are clear of previous blocks it opens up space for the new.
  • Do a Vision Board like you have never done one before.  We will intentionally set your board up digitally or physically in a way that will generate massive success.
  • Personalized Mantra: Design your own personalized mantra that you will say daily, changing your mind, changing your life.

Show Up and Show Out

  • Deep Visualization will be done so you can see, feel, smell, even taste the life of your dreams.  Since our mind thinks in pictures this will allow you to manifest the life you always dreamed.
  • Imaginative play our way. We will physically become the person we desire to be.  We will go the places she would go and do all the things she will do.
  • 1:1 Hypnosis Session:  Hypnosis is a conversation with your subconscious mind and it is an amazing way to truly bring your dreams to life. We will tell your subconscious mind just who you desire to be, so you can show up as that person daily.


  • We will get into a space of belief bringing together all of the techniques and implementing them into a daily routine.
  • Reframe, we will come up with reframes for blocks and use them for our Best Self Statements (BSS)
  • Write our Best Self Statement (BSS) and record it to be listened to daily.


Bonus #1

Experts guide to Productivity:  Five steps to being more productive daily.  Live the life you love in way that only sets you up for success. 

Bonus #2

Money Boss Meditation Series:  Increase your energy around money so you come from a place of abundance.  These meditations are to be listened to daily for best results.

Total Value Of Investment:


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