Are You Standing In Your Light?

We only get one life. Spending life feeling down or stagnant is not living your life to the fullest. You deserve to live a life you love, have thriving meaningful relationships, and become alive with joy.

Stand In Your Light gives you the tools to:

  • Develop love for self!
  • Discover love for life!
  • Develop positivity in adversity!
  • Discover gratitude in every moment!
  • Develop your most authentic self!
  • Take control of your life!

The Pursuit Club

“This book will provide you with inspiration to be your best self. The writer is very knowledgeable and extremely relatable. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to live a life full of happiness and love!”

The Pursuit Club

“Talk about feel good, eye opening and encouragement all wrapped into one. The author has a way of connecting with you as if she knows you personally. She reaches down into your soul and brings your inner happiness to life.”

The Pursuit Club

“Have you ever read a book that makes your heart smile? This is one of those books. Vasquez writes with the wisdom of a women that has lived with her heart open. As I was reading it through I was already excited to reread it. We all need more light in our lives and this is such an amazing guide to find it.”

The Pursuit Club

“Full of love, insightfulness, great positive content, and loaded with great tips that helps uplift ones self and to shine your inner light. Beautifully and comprehensively written with much heart, vulnerability and transparency. A must read. Highly recommend!!”

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